AHHS PTSO Communications

Thank you for your interest in the AHHS PTSO and its efforts to support our AHHS community.  There are several avenues of communication available. Please contact us via one of the following ways:



Our website strives to be the source for all things PTSO and includes information about Prep Day, Homecoming, Online Purchases, PTSO Forms, and Volunteers, among others.  


AHHS PTSO Facebook

The AHHS PTSO has its own Facebook page - AHHS PTSO Facebook. Our Facebook page is a great way to connect and share with other AHHS parents.  



The AHHS PTSO maintains a database of parents’ names based on grade level, classroom, and willingness to volunteer. We send emails (e-blasts) to parents with the intention of maintaining effective communication.  


AHHS Monday Mail

The AHHS Monday Mail is a great way to communicate to parents. It is emailed to parents by the AHHS office and includes a PTSO section.



This monthly newsletter is emailed to all AHHS PTSO members.  


How to make a Communication Request

Communication requests can be made online by clicking below. For questions, please email the VP of Communications,Vicky Soberanes.


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