Mule Tales

On the first of every month grab your magna, ½ calf, no foam, 2 Splenda, espresso double shot, Venetian Latte…or diet coke, find your comfy spot, and get ready to enjoy the literary musing that is the AHHS Mule Tales. As the caffeine slowly flows to your waking brain, allow your eyes to scan the many brightly colored images thoughtfully placed throughout the newsletter. Then you are ready to dive into all the technical details (or “words”) that deliver upcoming details and incredibly important information (like what free meals will be at the PTSO meetings) happening at the high school. And how do you get this stimulating work of digital genius you ask? You must be a member of our AHHS PTSO. And how do you do that, you ask? Boy, you have a lot of questions. Just click “back” on your web browser then click on the “Our PTSO” then on “Membership” and “Become a Member.” You can join for as little as $25. That is about $2.50 per newsletter which, based on the sheer joy and pretty pictures you will get delivered straight to your inbox every month, is highway robbery! So, sign up quick before we get smart and start charging coffee house prices! 

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