Treasurer Forms 

Please contact AHHS PTSO Treasurer, Audra Kerr, with any questions. 


To submit an online reimbursement, please visit our

Online Reimbursement Form

Please email photos or pdfs of ALL receipts for items you are requesting reimbursement to the AHHS PTSO Treasurer, Audra Kerr.  




Printable Forms

AHHS PTSO Checks Form


AHHS PTSO Deposit Form


Sales Tax Exemption Certification


Printable Reimbursement Form

(will require submission in person to the PTSO Treasurer)


(Please note:  This form should not be submitted for online purchase refunds.  For online purchase refunds, please contact Shawn McLallen  .)



How to Use These Forms:


Online Reimbursement Form: To be used for reimbursement on expenses. The PTSO does not reimburse sales tax. To ensure you aren't charged for sales tax, print a copy of the Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate and submit it to the vendor. All reimbursement forms must be accompanied by the sales receipts. These can be scanned in & sent electronically to the AHHS PTSO Treasurer, Audra Kerr.


Regardless of the means of submission, all requests for reimbursement must be made within 60 days of the expense being incurred or by June 15, of the current school year, whichever is earlier.


**If you have a large invoice for a standard AHHS project such as Homecoming, Prom, etc., the PTSO Treasurer can pay the invoice directly. Remind the vendor that we are tax-exempt.


AHHS PTSO Deposit Form :  Must be printed and  turned in with the PTSO Reimbursement Form when deposit ing funds or requesting  reimbursements for expenses. These forms are a necessary part of our record keeping. Please follow all directions on the forms.


AHHS PTSO Check Form : To be used to deposit checks collected on behalf of the AHHS PTSO. 

All checks must be listed separately for each deposit, including name, check number and amount.

If you have a large deposit involving many checks, you may email an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets file of the checks to the PTSO Treasurer, Audra Kerr. Include the deposit form with the spreadsheet.  FYI - cash can be combined into one lump sum.  Deposits should be delivered to the AHHS PTSO Treasurer, Tammy Andrews - see instructions on the deposit form.


Tax Exemption Certificate: The AHHS PTSO  cannot reimburse for sales tax as we are a tax-exempt organization. When you are purchasing something for the AHHS PTSO, you may present the retailer with our tax-exempt certificate. If you pay sales tax, you will not be reimbursed, so please remember to have this certificate with you.   



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